Administrative Services Team - Gordon Eiland, Chair

The Executive Board of the International Federation of Sports Physical Therapists would like to extend a huge THANK YOU  to volunteer members of the Audit Sub Committee that have recently resigned. John DeBlasis - US served over eight years on the committee and Gisela Sole - NZ served six years. The Audit Sub Committee is responsible for reviewing all financial records compiled by the Treasurer prior to development and submission of the Annual Financial Report to the Executive Board and Member Organizations. John and Gisela fulfilled their task of painstakingly reviewing the documents annually and faithfully submitted their reports to insure the fiduciary integrity of IFSPT.

In addition, the EB would like to welcome Elena Dovetta- Italy and Michael Borich - NZ as new members of the Committee.


Gordon Eiland

Audit Committee

  • Elena Dovetta – Italy
  • Michael Borich – New Zealand

Strategic Planning Committee

Executive Board


Governance Services Team - Bente Andersen, Chair


Laetitia Dekker-Bakker


  • Vibeke Bechtold
  • Bente Andersen


Bente Andersen


Education Services Team - Nicola Phillips, Chair

Professional Development Committee

  • Nicola Phillips (Chair)
  • Gordon Eiland
  • Bente Andersen
  • Tara O'Meara
  • Tony Schneiders

Research Committee

  • Peter McNair (Chair)
  • Maria Constantinou
  • Tony Schneiders
  • Erik Witvrouw
  • Jose Esteves
  • Gordon Waddington
  • Eleni Kapreli
  • Derya Ozer
  • Robert van Cingel

Scientific Congress Committee

  • Mario Bizzini (Chair)
  • Gul Baltaci
  • Henning Langberg
  • Tony Schneiders
  • Mike Voight
  • Stephen Mutch
  • Nikos Strimpakos


Membership Services Team - Mario Bizzini, Chair

Awards Committee

  • Nicola Phillips (Chair)
  • David Hunter
  • Henning Langberg
  • Terry Malone
Membership Committee
  • Bente Andersen (Chair)
  • Craig Smith

Marketing/Public Relations Committee

  • Craig Smith (Board of Directors Representative)
  • Mary Wilkinson-Cummins (Marketing Director)
  • Gordon Eiland
  • Bente Andersen
  • Mario Bizzini


IFSPT Registration Board - Nicola Phillips, Chair

  • Jan Smith (Gildea)
  • Henning Langberg
  • Karl Lochner
  • Colin Patterson
  • Teresa Schuemann
  • Tony Schneiders
  • Hans Bloo