Carlo Ramponi (incumbent)

I am 41 years old, I live and work 60 km far from Venice with my wife Manuela (pediatric physio) and we have three sons (from 6 to 12 years old).


I practiced sports at a competitive level for almost 15 years. Actually, my sport is running behind my sons and their needs and managing my rehab center.

I am a physical therapist interesting in sport rehabilitation since my degree with both amateurs than professional athletes or team. My principal interesting are muscle injuries treatment, ACL rehabilitation, shoulder instability rehabilitation. I really like work as part of health and staff team and work together to follow the same aims. Before my period as IFSPT EB member at large, I have been president of GISPT (Group of Italian SPT) for 6 years.


When I started to work with IFSPT I was really excited to be in the position to help our Community to grown and improve. I supposed to be able to transfer my personal positive energy and competencies - that I put in Italian group and before in 15 years of previous sport or associative organization - in EB. The international contest

Sincerely, my personal balance is positive for something but I know there are a lot of thing to do better. Moreover, thanks to great job of our EB, IFSPT is more representative and power than years ago.


Therefore, I will again offer my time to IFSPT’s and MO’s development and cooperation. As I wrote four year ago “every MO are not enough to change many national behavior but every MO shared and linked with other living in IFSPT community can help all to change what all of us want”.


If I will be again voted I will follow our job focused on MOs and their needs and on the grown of IFSPT community.