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IFSPT Sports Physical Therapy Competencies and Standards

Sports Physical Therapy is a recognized speciality that has been further promoted and developed since the IFSPT was established in 2000. The European Union-funded Sports Physiotherapy for All (SPA) project developed competencies and standards expected of Sports Physical Therapy specialists. The competency statements describe effective professional behaviours and integrate specific knowledge, skills and attitudes for this specific context of practice. These competencies provide a basis for policy development, enable quality assurance activities and facilitate individual professional development.


Eleven Sports Physical Therapy competencies were developed and designed to be demonstrated at a master’s level.


• Injury Prevention
• Acute intervention
• Rehabilitation
• Performance Enhancement
• Promotion of a Safe, Active Lifestyle
• Life-Long Learning
• Professionalism and Management
• Research Involvement
• Dissemination of Best Practice
• Extending Practice Through Innovation
• Promotion of Fair Play and Anti-Doping Practice


Please click on the following link to read the competency document in full.


The document breaks down each competency into its constituent parts and provides lots of detail.


For further information, please contact IFSPT Education Committee Chair Suzanne Gard.


IFSPT Competencies & Standards

Registration of International Sports Physical Therapists