Board and staff


As previously related, the IFSPT's 2024 Executive Board election requires the filling of five open spots.

After the nominating process, five individuals were certified to run for these positions.

As the number of nominees and the number of open spaces match, there is no need for an election.

Member Organizations will be formally requested to approve this slate for the 2025-2028 board via email within the next week.

We invite you to meet the individuals who have been approved by the current EB for seats on the upcoming board.

Follow the links below to learn more about the official 2024 Executive Board Slate:

Suzanne Gard, Switzerland (incumbent; current treasurer)

Didier Florentz, Belgium

Florian Forelli, France.

Despoina Ignatoglou, Greece.

Dr Eva Uršej, Slovenia.

The selected EB members begin their terms February 1, 2025, with the time between June 13, 2024 and their official start date to be dedicated to on-boarding,

New board member positions will be selected by the current sitting board, as in all previous elections.

We thank the members and our Member Organizations for their willingness to contribute to the future of IFSPT!