Dr Eva Uršej, Slovenia

I would like to express my interest in becoming a member of the Executive Board of International Federation of Sports Physical Therapy (IFSPT) regarding the IFSPT calls for nominations sent via e-mail.

As a president of the Section for Sports Physiotherapy and as a president of the Committee for continuing professional development at Slovenian Association of Physiotherapists I am constantly trying my best to provide high quality courses for physiotherapists with organising more than 15 courses, symposiums, lectures, etc., annually, as well as motivating others for course organisation. I am very much oriented towards new methods, new projects, collaboration and very keen on trying new things.The Section for Sports physiotherapy exists since the year of 1995 and I am the first president who managed to increase the number of members from 50 to over 230 and two years ago we joined the IFSPT, which I am very proud of and happy for.

Even though my work for Slovenian Association of Physiotherapists is entirely voluntary, it feels right for me to put a lot of energy into its development and recognition because I know that a proper education (formal and continuing professional development) is very important for our profession. This year, I am (with the help of two of my colleagues) organising the very First Slovenian Congress of Sports Physiotherapy with more than 10 invited international speakers.

I have been working as a lecturer – Assistant Profesor on two faculties for physiotherapy in Slovenia for more than 7 years now (undergraduate study, master’s degree study and doctoral study), and I was also a member of the group which developed the undergraduate study program of Physiotherapy. In the past two years, I have been developing postgraduate (master’s degree) study program of Sports Physiotherapy for one faculty in Slovenia. In those years of worldwide pandemic I helped the faculty staff to organise on-line lecturing and exams and was informing and helping other lecturers to get familiar with new ways of teaching.

Along with teaching goes researching as well and we are working in different workgroups on different research projects on both faculties. My biggest interest in research is by no doubt sports injuries and prevention of sports injuries which was the main part of my PhD research as well.

As a former athlete my life is still very much dedicated to Sport and I am collaborating with National Olympic Committee of Slovenia since 2014 when I was a part of medical staff at Youth Olympic Games for the first time. Besides taking part of many games under the National Olympic Committee as a medical staff in the last 10 years, I was working with professional athletes since 2012 (alpine skiing, cross country skiing, handball, volleyball,…). In the past two years, I managed to establish a very good and healthy relationship/collaboration between the Section of Sports Physiotherapy and National Olympic Committee of Slovenia which is now appreciating and valuing Sports Physiotherapists, recommended by the Section for Sports Physiotherapy, even more.

That not only means the protection of our professionals, but also better positions within sports teams.

I am the chief of the Department for Physiotherapy at the Clinic Doktor 24 in Ljubljana where we treat our patients in private practice, many of them being professional or amateur athletes. I would describe myself as someone who is very honest, fair, solution-oriented, loyal, discrete, and positive-minded. I am capable of working within a group, making compromises but still bringing my own ideas and sharing my thoughts and knowledge. I am very punctual but always open to hear constructive critics with the intention to improve myself. I am always listening and trying to understand and take into account the others' opinion as I believe that our life-learning never ends.

Given my education, experience, and competences, I think I am perfect for the role you are looking for as I can help to promote Sports Physiotherapy, further develop professional competencies, provide support for other (future) Member Organizations in organizing courses, continual professional development programs, education programs and collaborate in research and development of clinical practice guidelines. I am willing to devote the necessary time and effort to my duties as an Executive Board member and will be available over e-mail and video-meetings at any time. As I have a strong personal interest to voluntarily work for Slovenian Association of Physiotherapist, I would very much like to work for IFSPT,as well. I think I would be a great fit to the staff team from ideas all the way through to implementation. My skills and experience closely match those required for the role as an Executive Board member of IFSPT.