Didier Florentz, Belgium

The BFSP has decided to nominate Mr. Didier Florentz within the IFSPT.

Indeed, he is one of the founding members of the Belgian association, and he has a great experience of the sport environment.

He has been active since 1985 and he has acquired over these years a high level clinical and field experience. He is also the treasurer of our Association.

He is a person who can listen, and learn and then analyzed some situation with calm and discernment.

He also has considerable experience in negotiations and meetings with official bodies. He will also be able to bring, with the help of our association, the experience of the process of national recognition of sports physiotherapy achieved in Belgium. He will therefore be able to offer this experience and bring the experience of our country

defending the teaching of university sports physiotherapy. Also, it will bring an approach based more on field experience and on the experience of

many competitions.

In addition, the BFSP is proud to have integrated IFSPT and would be even more proud to have a representative there, it would be an honor for our country.

Within the BFSP, he takes care of the treasury, and of contact with the federal association Axxon in which he sits on different committees. He is also in the team which deals with negotiations with the health department for the official recognition of sports physiotherapy

in Belgium. He also represented Belgium at the last IFSPT meeting in Vancouver and in Brussels.


  • RISPT recognizing 2021
  • Sports physiotherapist accreditation - status Gold Belgian Federation of Sports Physiotherapy
  • 2020- 2025
  • Physiotherapeutic accreditation for the promotion of quality in physiotherapy 2016 - 2024
  • FIFA Diploma 2018
  • DES and DEA in physiotherapy and osteopathy - Université Libre de Bruxelles , ULB - 1992 -
  • 1993 - with the mention Great Distinction ( 85%),
  • Master Degree in sport physiotherapy - ULB - 1986 - with the mention
  • Distinction (70%) ,
  • Master Degree in Physiotherapy and Functional Revalidation - ULB - 1985 - with the mention
  • Great Distinction (85 %).
  • 2023 Organizing committee of the international IFSPT-BFSP congress in Brussels
  • 2019 Administrator (treasurer) and Founder of Belgian Federation of Sportphysiotherapy
  • (BFSP)
  • 2013-2014 Scientific collaborator , Laboratory Motion Analysis, Professor Cheron , Université
  • Libre de Bruxelles .
  • 2008 Co-founder member of Belgian Federation of Sport Physiotherapy ,
  • Member of the " Council for the Promotion of Health in sport," French Community.