Florian Forelli, France

I am writing to express my sincere interest in joining the Executive Board of International Federation of Sport Physical Therapy. With a proven track record of leadership, strategic thinking, and a passion

for contributing to organizational development, I believe that my skills and experiences align well with the requirements for this position.

Throughout my career, I have consistently demonstrated my ability to drive results and manage teams effectively. My experiences in sport physical therapy (practice, education and researches) and in French Society of Sport Physical Therapy (active board member since 2022) have equipped me with a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing organizations today.

One of my key strengths lies in my strategic mindset. I am adept at analyzing complex situations, identifying opportunities for growth, and developing actionable plans to achieve organizational objectives. My commitment to innovation and adaptability is reflected in my track record of implementing forward-thinking strategies.

Having closely followed the trajectory of International Federation of Sport Physical Therapy, I am particularly impressed by its commitment in practice, knowledge translation and research development in sport physical therapy.

In addition to my professional experiences, I bring a collaborative and inclusive leadership style. I believe in fostering an environment that values diversity of thought, encourages open communication, and promotes teamwork. These values align with the culture of International Federation of Sport Physical Therapy, and I am excited about the prospect of contributing to and collaborating with the talented individuals who make up the Executive Board.

I think that my profile combining skills, experience, and passion would make me an ideal candidate for this position. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss how my contributions can help International Federation of Sport Physical Therapy achieve its strategic goals and objectives.

Thank you for considering my application. I am eager to bring my enthusiasm and expertise to the Executive Board and contribute to the continued success of International Federation of Sport Physical Therapy.