Dear Members of the IFSPT:


The Executive Board is saddened to report that the United States’ sports physical therapy group Executive Board, on behalf of the American Academy of Sports Physical Therapy (AASPT), has withdrawn from the IFSPT effective today, May 14, without any prior notice or discussion. The Executive Board of AASPT has also decided not to pay their dues for 2021, without any explanation for not living up to their financial obligation as an IFSPT member.


The criticism from the AASPT that IFSPT has no long term goals and that the current board appears to be focused on expanding the reach of IFSPT to regions of the world in which there are no financial resources and few members is disrespectful and sad. The IFSPT is indeed focused on building a global community of sports physical therapists, despite the size or socioeconomic position of these nations and the IFSPT is committed to promoting Sports Physiotherapy for all, from big to small countries. Furthermore, the board has been extremely hardworking during the past 2 years in several areas, from Research, Journal Activity, Education, Membership and Communication, and all this work was documented in the 2020 IFSPT annual report that can be downloaded here.


While we are sad to see the AASPT depart the IFSPT, we would like to offer our deep gratitude for all of their contributions over the past twenty years. We hope that one day the organization’s board will reconsider this decision, as it was a decision made by the board and not by its membership. Be assured that your board has a plan in place for a smooth transition of the Treasurer position that the US has left. The IFSPT does not rely on the US to exist, although we are very sad to see them leave, and in this way, without notice or real explanation.


The IFSPT has been strong financially since 2010 and the Executive Board will share its financial records with its Member Organizations prior to the General Meeting to prove professional oversight and growth. Like other organizations, 2020 has been a difficult year, but the budget is still sound, and new initiatives to keep the economy positive has been set in motion and agreed by all on the board, including the US representative.


We now offer more benefits than ever to our Member Organizations, who are the focus of our mission. A new sponsor connection that will provide members with great educational offerings at no cost, RISPT networking opportunities, and budding partnerships are ready to bring exciting new opportunities to our members!


Because of this sudden change in membership, there will now be a fifth position open on the IFSPT Executive Board during the elections the week of August 9, prior to the General Meeting on August 19.


Thank you for your continuing support of IFSPT,


Kristian Thorborg, PT, PhD, RISPT
President, IFSPT


Colin Paterson, MSc, PGCert(Ed), MCSP, RISPT, SFHEA
Vice-President, IFSPT