How to Join IFSPT

Please read the guidelines thoroughly before completing an application form.

Only national sports physical therapy organisations that are recognised by their national Member Organisation of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) are eligible for full membership in the IFSPT. Only one national organisation of Sports Physiotherapy per country can be eligible for membership.

Special membership may be conferred by the Executive Board or a two-third (2/3) assent of the voting delegates at a General Meeting, to individuals or other National Organisations.

For IFSPT business purposes, one representative will be elected from within each organisation.

The duties of the Member Organisation are

  • To comply with the articles
  • To comply with requirements of membership adopted by IFSPT at a General Meeting
  • To send at least one representative to a General Meeting, preferably every year, but at least once every three (3) years
  • To do all in its power to promote the knowledge of and an active interest in the objectives of IFSPT
  • To reply to all inquiries and questionnaires from the Executive Board as quickly as possible and within any time limits specified
  • To keep the EB informed of any events or developments of interest to the IFSPT in its country, such as changes of outcome criteria for registration or standard levels
  • To pay the subscription fee in accordance with the articles of IFSPT

The IFSPT has its seat in the Netherlands in Spaarndam.

Postal Address:

Dr. W. Nijestraat 93

 Please complete an application form and send to IFSPT (address on form).

Application Forms

Existing Members

  • The IFSPT representative for each country is responsible for sending their membership numbers as of the first January for the membership year to the treasurer of IFSPT
  • The treasurer of IFSPT will then generate an invoice in Euros based on the above calculation and forward that to the IFSPT representative of the country
  • Payment will then be sent in Euros by the country with any bank transaction handling costs to be covered by the member organisation

New Members

  • The country expresses interest in joining IFSPT and completes a registration form. Once completed the form is reviewed by the IFSPT Board.
  • Upon acceptance of the country by the Executive Board of IFSPT, dependent upon fulfillment of the criteria for membership, the country will be sent an invoice for membership based on the number of members specified in the registration form. Potential new members will be reviewed twice yearly by the Executive Board. The membership fee will be adjusted to account for a member joining in the second half of the year.
  • The IFSPT treasurer should receive payment of this amount in Euros with the addition of the bank’s handling fee within two months.
  • The country will then be deemed a financial member of IFSPT.

Rejoining Members

  • Member countries that have not renewed for the year by the 31st March will be deemed to be in financial error.
  • Renewal of membership will be dependent on the country becoming financially sound by settling any debt of membership from the previous year and paying the current year’s membership by 31st March.

Annual Dues

  • Each Member Organisation must pay an annual fee to IFSPT. For 2012 this amount is 300 Euros for the first 250 members of the organisation, and 0.60 Euros for every member thereafter. These rates are decided by the voting membership. Membership numbers of the organisation are taken as those at the first of January in the calendar year of membership.
  • Fees must be paid in Euros by the 31st of March each year. New member fees are due within 2 months after acceptance. Members who do not pay their annual dues by March 31st may be charged a late fee of 18% for that year.
  • Revisions of the dues will only be accomplished through amendment of the charter.