The IFSPT is a federation of national sports physical therapy associations. Only one national sports physical therapy organisation per country may be eligible for membership in IFSPT. Each national organisation representing sports physiotherapists must meet set criteria before being admitted to IFSPT as a member.



  • National organisations must be recognised by their national member organisation
  • The national member organisation must be a member of the World Confederation of Physical Therapy (WCPT)
  • The organisation must complete the IFSPT Registration Form
  • The organisation must be accepted by the IFSPT Executive Board
  • Paid membership fees

Individuals are linked to IFSPT through their national associations


Honorary membership may be granted to individuals by the Executive Board or voting representatives at a General Meeting. These can be granted to individuals who have enhanced the Federation, or have rendered valuable services to sports physical therapy through unique or long-term service, or have merited special recognition for their work in a parallel field. This is a prestigious award which also allows individuals to attend IFSPT General Meetings.


Special membership may be granted by the Executive Board or voting representatives at a General Meeting to individuals or other national organisations. Special memberships may be conferred by a (2/3) majority vote of the voting delegates. This means that young organisations which do not yet meet membership criteria will be encouraged to improve their national position to become a full IFSPT Member Organisation. It will bring them prestige and they will also be allowed to attend IFSPT General Meetings, though without the right to vote or speak. The special membership can also be granted at a reduced price for a short period of time, depending on the needs of the organisation and decisions of the IFSPT Executive Board.