• National organisations must be recognised by their national member organisation
  • The national member organisation must be a member of the World Confederation of Physical Therapy (WCPT)
  • The organisation must complete the IFSPT Registration Form
  • The organisation must be accepted by the IFSPT Executive Board
  • Membership fees must be paid annually


Special and Individual Members


Special membership may be granted by the Executive Board or voting representatives at a General Meeting to individuals or other national organisations.


Those interested in applying for a special membership should contact Luciana de Michelis, Membership Committee Chair.


Special membership may also include individual membership where the sports physical therapist lives in a country that is a WCPT member, but does not have a recognized sports physical therapy group. Before applying, please be certain that you qualify under these criteria. Individual membership cost is 65 euros per year.


Individuals are linked to IFSPT through their national associations