Executive Board Nomination Instructions


As per the Articles, IFSPT invites nominations for election to the Executive Board at the next General Meeting.


IFSPT Executive Board (EB) Members may serve a total of two 4-year terms on the EB.


According to the Articles of IFSPT, there will be an election of at least one EB member every two years. For the 2021 General Meeting, there will be an election of a maximum of four new EB Members.


We encourage all IFSPT Member Organisations to nominate a member of their Organisation for the 2021 IFSPT EB Elections to serve for the next 4 year term. It is possible for the EB Member to serve as the IFSPT delegate for the representative country or to serve in addition to the Member Organisation’s IFSPT delegate.


Please note: Due to IFSPT’s limited financial resources, Member Organisations are expected to fund their nominating member’s travel expenses to attend the IFSPT Executive Board and General Meetings.


If you are nominating a member for an EB position, please provide the following documents:

1. A letter outlining reasons for nominating this individual for an EB position, what they will offer to IFSPT, and areas they can contribute to when on the EB.

2. A brief 1-2 page resume which includes experience, education, publications and committee work.

3. Evidence of the individual's current financial membership to their Sports Member Organisation.

4. A brief statement from the MO indicating they support their member's nomination to the IFSPT EB, and they will contribute financial support towards their nominee to attend the annual EB Meetings.

5. Confirmation of the MO's current membership to their National Physical Therapy Organisation


In addition, information should be provided to be posted on the IFSPT website with the individual’s motivation letter and resume:

- A color photograph of 500x500 pixels at 72 dpi.
- A brief (one paragraph) summary of the individual's background and participation in their MO.
- A 2-minute video introducing themselves and what they would like to achieve or contribute to the EB and to IFSPT as an Organisation. A Dropbox link to upload the video will be provided if necessary..


Please ensure that all material submitted may be shared with all Member Organisations on the IFSPT website. No personal or private information should be included.


From IFSPT Articles:
9.3. Nominations
9.3.1. Nominations must be received in writing at least three (3) months prior to the GM and shall meet the
approval of the nominee’s own Member Organization. The EB shall send to the Member Organizations the list candidates with supporting documentation one (1) month before the GM.
9.3.2. The EB shall consist of at least one (1) delegate from three (3) of the five (5) regions (continents) of the WP.