Aleksander Killingmo


I think that IFSPT could be a powerful organization that should be in partnership and collaborate with the big organizations arranging sports competitions (FIFA, IOC, IAAF, FIS and so on), and organizations that are in place to take care of athletes' health (such as BJSM and its affiliates). I think IFSPT should be a central consultant in arranging sport events, leagues and teams regarding the need for a sports physiotherapist and a guarantor for the quality of sports physiotherapists. We should aim to become a "go to" organization for everyone in need of a Sports physiotherapist or so alike. I would like to dedicate my work towards this goal.


From the Norwegian Organization:

The Norwegian Sport Physical Therapist Association hereby nominates Aleksander Killingmo as a candidate for the IFSPT Executive Board. Aleksander is a perfect candidate for this task and will provide the board with enthusiasm and knowledge regarding our common interest in sports physical therapy. He is a board member of the Norwegian Sports Physical Therapist Organization and has been so since 2015. He´s work is very much appreciated and he is regarded and respected for his effort in promoting the the subject Sports Physical Therapy.


His work in our organization has been excellent and so is his work in the IOC Advanced Team Physician committee.