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The 2nd World Conference on Sports Physical Therapy – Optimal Loading in Sport will be in held at the Titanic in Belfast, Friday 6th – Saturday 7th October 2017

Following the 2010 publication of the ACPSEM Acute Management of Soft Tissue Injuries1 its authors recommended the inclusion of “Optimal Loading” by practitioners to enhance biological healing. This fundamental change in management from a passive approach to an active strategy was reflected in the suggestion to change the management mnemonic from PRICE to POLICE2.

Understanding what Optimal loading should be in rehabilitation and injury prevention is essential for Sports Physiotherapists and Sports Medicine Practitioners.

The 2nd World Conference in Sports Physiotherapy aims to deliver this cutting edge knowledge from identified experts from across the world as hosted by the 2010 authors.

The conference will examine optimal loading for various tissue types and systems eg muscle/ligament /tendon/bone/neurological, and present each system moving through the hard science, translating science into practice and worked examples/case studies from elite sport. environments.

Presented in partnership with the International Federation of Sports Physical Therapy.

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The IFSPT General Meeting will be held on October 5. More information is to come.