Suzanne Gard

I discovered the IFSPT when I studied in the MSc in sports physiotherapy in Bath, we had great discussions upon the 11 competencies defined by IFSPT and the MSc was tailored to meet these.


I have been always very active during my career to develop CPD, organizing courses, conferences, workshops in my country but also internationally. For five years I teach at the University for physiotherapists in the bachelor’s degree and postgraduate. I travel with teams and work pitch side on major tournaments, and major events like the Olympic Games. I like working in the board of societies, like EUSSER, RRMES and now Sportfisio Swiss, it is a good way to inspire changes and make our profession thrive.


My main areas of interest are injury prevention, especially for young athletes, return to sports strategies and rehabilitation of unstable joints.


I am used to organize congresses, courses and events at a national and international level and like networking.


If I am elected to be part of the EB of IFSPT, I would be keen to help develop CPD pathways to access RISPT in different member organizations, to develop the IFSPT learning platform and courses, strengthen the links with the IOC for the health of athletes, push for injury prevention, especially in young athletes to promote a safe and healthy sports participation. I really hope you will consider my application, as I it would an honor for me to serve in the executive board of IFSPT.




Support letter from SSPA