The World Congress of Sports Physical Therapy is presented biennially by the International Federation of Sports Physical Therapy (IFSPT) in conjunction with its member organizations. It is designed for sports physical therapists and other disciplines who train and rehabilitate active individuals of all ages, genders, abilities and level of participation. The Congress was developed to provide high quality education using current research, the most expert presenters and the newest methods to restore all active persons to play.


Past congresses have welcomed 500-800 sports physical therapists from all seven continents.


This unique and groundbreaking event also hosts the IFSPT General Meeting, drawing individuals from all IFSPT member organizations to the congress.


The Fourth World Congress of Sports Physical Therapy will be held August 26-27, 2022 in Nyborg, Denmark, Canada. More information will be available soon..


IFSPT member organizations in good standing may bid to host this congress. Application for hosting may be found below.


World Congress Hosting Application


Member organizations may also choose to partner with the IFSPT for conferences outside the World Congress, bringing the educational and marketing power of the IFSPT to their national conferences. An application form may be accessed below.


For more information about the World Congress, participation or application, please contact Mary Wilkinson, IFSPT Director of Marketing.