Research Committee – IFSPT

Actions and purposes

Support for research involving IFSPT member organizations: Members of the IFSPT may contact the Research Committee requesting support for the development of their research.


Two options are possible: a) IFSPT can share the research in social media (no endorsement/no responsibility required) or b) IFSPT's research committee can participate into the process, helping in some part or all steps of the research. This requires endorsement/responsibility.


This support could be in any phase of the research such as planning the methodology, organizing data collection, disseminating an online survey through IFSPT members, analyzing the data, interpreting the results and revising the manuscript. Authors should indicate along with their request an evaluation of the proposal/project and of the IFSPT benefits. Value for IFSPT must be clear and discussed early in the research process. If any support from the IFSPT research group is required in conducting the research, a possible collaboration, including acknowledgement and potential co-authorship including IFSPT must be discussed before the research is initiated. Once the support is approved, the authors should compromise to send a report to each IFSPT member organization involved in the research.


For inquiries regarding research, contact Research Committee Chair, Chris Napier.


The IFSPT International Perspective:  Publication of editorial and commentary-type articles authored by acknowledged and respected experts or organizational key-persons in the world of sports physical therapy. These are generally submitted by invitation from the Editor in Chief and the International Editors of the International Journal of Sport Physical Therapy (IJSPT). All IFSPT perspective articles will be reviewed by the Editor in Chief, and at least two of the International Editors of the IJSPT.


For inquiries regarding the IFSPT International Perspective, please contact Chris Napier.