President - Luciana de Michelis Mendonça (Brazil)

In the past, I worked hard for SONAFE (the Brazilian National society of Sports Physical Therapy). I’m associate since 2007 and I have always engaged to help my profession grow. I took part on Organizing Committees of 3 SONAFE's Conferences since then. Moreover, I had 6 years of dedication on SONAFE's Executive Board. I was the first female president of SONAFE (2016-2017), in a country with many restrictions to women participation in sport and politics. In 2018-2019 I continued to help SONAFE in the International Committee being the link to actions related to IFSPT, as we started to work on the Brazilian pathways (to get RISPT). Moreover, I'm a teacher in a Federal University in Brazil and I develop research in Sports Physical Therapy field. I participated in the last 3 editions of IOC World Conference on Injury and Illness in Sport with poster and workshops presentations. I also engaged on the organization of the Physical Therapy services of the Rio 2016 Olympics and Paralympics Games.





Vice President - Carlo Ramponi (Italy)

I practiced sports at a competitive level for almost 15 years. Actually, my sport is running behind my sons and their needs and managing my rehab center.

I am a physical therapist interested in sport rehabilitation since my degree with both amateurs than professional athletes or team. My principal interests are muscle injuries treatment, ACL rehabilitation, shoulder instability rehabilitation. I really like work as part of health and staff team and work together to follow the same aims. Before my period as IFSPT EB member at large, I have been president of GISPT (Group of Italian SPT) for 6 years. When I started to work with IFSPT I was really excited to be in the position to help our Community to grown and improve. I supposed to be able to transfer my personal positive energy and competencies - that I put in Italian group and before in 15 years of previous sport or associative organization - in EB.




Treasurer - Suzanne Gard (Switzerland)
I discovered the IFSPT when I studied in the MSc in sports physiotherapy in Bath, we had great discussions upon the 11 competencies defined by IFSPT and the MSc was tailored to meet these.

I have been always very active during my career to develop CPD, organizing courses, conferences, workshops in my country but also internationally. For five years I teach at the University for physiotherapists in the bachelor’s degree and postgraduate. I travel with teams and work pitch side on major tournaments, and major events like the Olympic Games. I like working in the board of societies, like EUSSER, RRMES and now Sportfisio Swiss, it is a good way to inspire changes and make our profession thrive.

My main areas of interest are injury prevention, especially for young athletes, return to sports strategies and rehabilitation of unstable joints.

I am used to organizing congresses, courses and events at a national and international level and like networking.
If I am elected to be part of the EB of IFSPT, I would be keen to help develop CPD pathways to access RISPT in different member organizations, to develop the IFSPT learning platform and courses, strengthen the links with the IOC for the health of athletes, push for injury prevention, especially in young athletes to promote a safe and healthy sports participation.


Secretary - Chris Napier (Canada)
Chris Napier graduated from Curtin University’s Master of Physiotherapy program in 2003. While waiting for his accreditation in Canada, he started his first sport physiotherapy job with Vancouver’s professional soccer team (the Whitecaps). From there, Chris worked with a variety of sports and abilities including basketball, field hockey, alpine skiing, and athletics. He has been part of the medical team for the Pan Am, Commonwealth, and Summer and Winter Olympic Games, as well as multiple World Championships in Alpine Skiing and Athletics. Chris began volunteering his time to Sport Physiotherapy Canada shortly after graduating, joining the provincial section executive where he served for 10 years (2005-2015) before joining the national executive (2016-2020). While on the national executive, Chris brought the World Congress of Sports Physical Therapy to Canada where it was successfully staged in conjunction with a revitalized Sport Physiotherapy Canada Congress in 2019. He obtained his Sport Physiotherapy Canada Diploma in 2007, became a Registered International Sports Physical Therapist in 2017, and went on to complete his PhD (Running Biomechanics and Injury Prevention) in 2018. He currently serves as Sport Physiotherapy Canada’s liaison with the IFSPT and Chairs the Sport Physiotherapy Canada Conference Organizing Committee. Chris’ experience encompasses the full breadth of clinical (from private practice to elite sport), research, and service to the sport physiotherapy community.


Member at Large - Víctor Olivares Ibarra, Chile

From 1990 to the present, I have worked as a trainer and physio, mixing both careers as a comprehensive approach when addressing sports and musculoskeletal health issues through exercise and training. Since 1997, I have had my own private practice within sports facilities.

Regarding my experience in organizations, I was a member of the board of the Chilean Society of Sports Medicine ( for 10 consecutive years (1996-2006) holding various positions on the board. This organization is the second oldest Sports Medicine Society in Latin America and has held its 66th Congress in 2021. The society brings together professionals from different disciplines, such as doctors, physios, Physical Education teachers, trainers and nutritionists, among others. After leaving the board of SOCHMEDEP, I had the idea of creating a sports physical therapy society, and in 2008 the Chilean Society of Physical Therapy in Sports, SOKIDE ( was born. Together with 7 other sports physios, we gave shape to this wonderful project, and our society quickly generated interest and participation both nationally and in international relations with sister societies, such as AKD from Argentina and SONAFE from Brazil.


Member at Large - Aleksander Killingmo (Norway)
I am a board member of the Norwegian Sports Physical Therapist Organization and has been so since 2015.

I think that IFSPT could be a powerful organization that should be in partnership and collaborate with the big organizations arranging sports competitions (FIFA, IOC, IAAF, FIS and so on), and organizations that are in place to take care of athletes' health (such as BJSM and its affiliates). I think IFSPT should be a central consultant in arranging sport events, leagues and teams regarding the need for a sports physiotherapist and a guarantor for the quality of sports physiotherapists. We should aim to become a "go to" organization for everyone in need of a Sports physiotherapist or so alike. I would like to dedicate my work towards this goal.


Member at Large - Mina Samukawa, Japan

My name is Mina Samukawa, I am a Vice President of the Japanese Society of Sports Physical Therapy and a Japanese delegate to the IFSPT since 2019. After attending the 2nd World Congress of Sports Physical Therapy in Belfast, I learned of the excellent collaborations between the MO and the IFSPT. In 2019, I became an executive board member at the Japanese Society of Sports Physical Therapy and since then I have made developing and improving our society one of my top priorities.

For the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, more than 700 Japanese sports physiotherapists gathered from all over the country despite the tricky Covid-19 situation. We had many wonderful experiences working together to provide physiotherapy services at not only the central polyclinic but also at many of the competition venues. Four years of dedicated preparation was one of the keys to our success. I was deeply involved as an educator for the lead-up workshops, and served as the core physiotherapist of physiotherapy services in the polyclinic during the Olympic games. Watching our physio team gain in confidence as the Games unfolded is an especially poignant memory for me. I have been working as an Associate Professor at Hokkaido University since 2013 and have taught graduate students and sports physiotherapists from a variety of Asian countries.


Member at Large - Derya Ozer Kaya, Turkey

I would like to mention my first personal contribution to the General Meeting (GM) of the Federation. I first joined GM in 2011, which was hold in Amsterdam as a delegate of Turkey. I was impressed by the work of all members, and the great effort they put for preparing the articles of the Federation. In addition, the educational, administrative, membership, marketing, and research issues discussed on the meeting were a visional outline for me. At that time, I had been a volunteer to work on the research team. We could not actively do a lot in the research group, but I came to know many friends. We had good collaborations and hosted many colleagues in Turkey for scientific and social organizations. After the first GM, I, personally, joined the meeting in Bern (2015), Belfast (2017), and Nyborg (2022). The meetings with the implantation of the World Congress of Sports Physical Therapy had been a great way of development. Following the meetings since 2011 and having an idea about how the EB works may be a strength for me. From the first meeting, I have a strong feeling to get a part, and work as an active member for the upcoming years.

Secondly, I would like to explain my relationship with the Association of Turkish Sports Physiotherapists and how our association took part for the establishment of IFSP. I have been a member (2002-present) and worked as an Executive Member of the Association.

between 2003-2019. Turkish Association of Sports Physiotherapists has become a member since the establishment of IFSP. As a founding member, the Association of Turkish Sports Physiotherapists has a strong relationship and confidence with the mission and vision of the Federation. My colleagues and supervisors (Gul Baltaci and Nevin Ergun), worked also as EB members, have been a good role model for me. For the last 24 years, Association of Turkish Sports Physiotherapists has been very active not only in Turkey but also in Europe, America, Middle East, and Far Eastern Countries with the activities like congress, courses, seminars, workshops, clinical fellowships, and travels. Those activities generated very well relations, collaborations, scientific information, cultural integration, and great networking. In today’s area, I believe, all of those can be considered as a great value. The Association and I have a great willingness to share our experiences. Moreover, I believe that a member from Turkey may help to strengthen the relationship between east and west.

Lastly, I would like to mention about my background and skills. I was graduated from Hacettepe University, Health Sciences Faculty, and Department of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation in 2002. I received my Master's Degree in Sports Physiotherapy in 2004, and Ph.D. degree in 2009 at Hacettepe University, Health Sciences Institute. I got Associate Professorship in October 2013 and Professorship in February 2019. I worked as a research assistant at the Sports Physiotherapy Unit at Hacettepe University between 2002-2011. I have been working at Izmir Katip Celebi University as the founder and the head of the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department since February 2014. Moreover, I have been working as the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences since June 2019. I have also been a co-founder of the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Research, Application and Innovation Centre. Briefly, I have been working and studying in the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation area, especially specializing in sports physiotherapy for more than 20 years with the clinic and academic experience, and leading many positions. Sports physiotherapy has always been a growing and wonderful area within the field of physiotherapy, and has always been on top of my scope for learning, teaching, exchanging knowledge, and doing research. I can consider these as strengths. I believe it is worthwhile putting every effort into the development of sports physiotherapy profession. IFSPT puts great international effort and holds a leadership for the development of the profession. Being a member of EB, and sharing experience may be a good collaborative work.