Despoina Ignatoglou, Griechenland

I am Despoina Ignatoglou, Public Relation Manager of Sports Physiotherapy Section of Panhellenic Physiotherapists’ Association and an owner of a private physiotherapy office (PhysioExperts) at Nea Moudania, Chalkidiki, Greece. Since 2012 that I took my Bachelor Degree I have worked in many different sports clubs in my area and I have also worked as Aspetar Orthopaedic and Sports Hospital at Qatar for a whole year. I have a huge passion for sports rehabilitation and I would appreciate an opportunity to make a difference in Sports physiotherapy especially for my country.

Considering my background as a physiotherapist and as an athlete myself I have the ability for teamwork and coordinate with different nationalities. I have a great ability to adapt in different work environments and to undertake work projects on time. My academic background also supports my interest in sports physiotherapy. I have completed the Level 1 Sports Physiotherapy by APA Course and I took many courses relatively to this direction. Furthermore I have completed an MSc in Advanced Physiotherapy at University of Thessaly and my Master thesis was “Strength assessment in female Pole Dancers: Development and Reliability of a new functional protocol which was the first one for this sport.

I am organized, consistent and passionate in everything that I work on and I would love the opportunity to work with and for IFSPT organization and make a difference for the science and my country also for sports physiotherapy.



05/2018 – CURRENT Australia


Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist Australia 09/2020 – 29/07/2022 Lamia



Thesis "Strength assessment in female Pole dancers:Development and reliability of a new functional protocol" 08/02/2007 – 04/07/2012 Lamia, Greece


DEGREE IN PHYSIOTHERAPY Higher Education Institution of Lamia (A.T.E.I), Faculty of Health Care Profession (S.E.Y.P.)