Suzanne Gard, Switzerland

It has been an honor to serve in the EB from September 2021 as a treasurer and chair of education committee.

My first task was to reorganize the financial part with opening an account that is accessible from anywhere in the world with less transaction costs, propose a modification of status to move and register the IFSPT in Switzerland which allows more flexibility for an International Federation. All these changes were made and now IFSPT has a stable and modern financial management.

As you know, we are working on the updating of the IFSPT Competencies with an ERASMUS fund, and my role is to manage the financial aspects of our part.

As chair of Education committee, I assisted some of our Member Organisations (MOs) in developing a CPD pathway in their country and with the education committee, started the process of developing some educational content for MO’s. As this chair needed more attention that I could give, having the treasurer part also, I decided to step down from the Education Committee as a chair but still helping as a committee member.

If I am elected to be part of the EB of IFSPT for a second term, I would be honored to continue my work inside the Executive board alongside with my colleagues.


We will make sure to continue to actively promote equity, diversity, and inclusivity within the Sports Physiotherapy world and beyond.

We will aim to develop a learning platform, a hub, where our global community can learn, share, and meet! This will align with the ERASMUS Competencies project that we began with your help and support.

Some MOs of IFSPT are more advanced with the recognition of pathways and sports physiotherapy specialisation recognition. With their inspiration, together we can help raise the profile of sports physiotherapy around the globe.

Working with adolescent athletes myself, I care about the fight against harassment and abuse in sports and, if reelected, I would like to contribute to increase our influence to promote a safe sport environment for all.

IFSPT is thriving, with more MOs each year, and our task will be to continue to encourage more to join to strengthen our community.

My strengths are the previous 3 years in the IFSPT EB as treasurer, the experience as president of the European Society of Shoulder and Elbow Rehabilitation (EUSSER), my presence in the board of societies all my career and my ability to create links, bring people together and develop new projects with them in a collaborative way.

I will be honoured to serve IFSPT for 4 more years, to promote Sports Physiotherapy worldwide, contribute with our MOs to advance the quality of care and prevention for the health of athletes and patients, encourage actions towards equity, diversity, and inclusivity and fight to build a safe sport environment for all.