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Nominations now open for the IFSPT Executive Board

Election Dates: June 10-12 Online

Number of Individuals to Be Elected: Four +

Wollte Ihre Mitgliedsorganisation schon immer eine größere Rolle bei der Leitung und den hochrangigen Aktivitäten der IFSPT spielen? Hier ist Ihre Chance!

In 2024, the IFSPT will hold an election to replace four outgoiing Executive Board (EB) members, and there will be one incumbent running for a second term.

Die EB-Mitglieder werden für eine Amtszeit von vier Jahren gewählt und können auf Wunsch für eine zweite Amtszeit wiedergewählt werden. Jedes EB-Mitglied ist Teil eines Dienstausschusses innerhalb des IFSPT. Spezifische Rollen innerhalb des EB werden vom EB als Ganzes ausgewählt, basierend auf den persönlichen Fähigkeiten des Einzelnen.

Any Member Organizations interested in putting forth a candidate must submit the pertinent material (listed below) no later than midnight, EST, March 13, 2024, to Mary Wilkinson, Director of Marketing, Submissions should be sent as PDF files.

Nominated individuals are also invited to include a video – up to two minutes in length – stating their credibility for consideration for election. These videos will be posted on the IFSPT website and sent out through the May newsletter.

Nomination submissions will be reviewed by the EB; should any submission be determined to be incorrectly submitted, contain questionable information, or deemed otherwise invalid, the Member Organization will receive notification no later than  and be given a chance to re-submit within one week.

The election will be held fully online, beginning June 10 and closing at midnight EST on June 12. A voting link will be sent with instructions to your designated delegate for voting. Votes received after midnight EST, June 13 will not be counted.

New EB members will be announced at the IFSPT General Meeting on June 13, 2024, in Oslo, Norway.

Vielen Dank für Ihre Überlegungen und dafür, dass Sie die Talente in Ihrer Organisation zur Unterstützung der IFSPT einsetzen!


Zulassungskriterien und Verfahren

Es werden Nominierungen für die Mitgliedschaft im Vorstand (EB) des Internationalen Verbands der Sportphysiotherapeuten (IFSPT) entgegengenommen. Für die Nominierung müssen die folgenden Dokumente eingereicht werden: 

1. The candidate member is to provide the following media and documents: 

A.   A cover letter outlining their strengths, skills, and knowledge, and how they foresee those enhancing the EB and the IFSPT as a whole.

B.   A short video (Max 2 mins) featuring the nominee detailing their professional background, their reasoning for wishing to join the IFSPT board, and the skills they would bring should they be elected.

C.    A brief 1-2 page CV outlining their: experience; education; previous and current committee working; communication skills; team working skills; leadership roles currently or previously held. Written and spoken English level to be included (All EB verbal and written communication is carried out in English).

D.   A brief statement outlining individuals’ ability to provide around 3 hours a week to IFSPT board and committee work.

2. The Member Organisation (MO) is to provide the following documents: 

A.   A brief statement directed to the IFSPT Executive Board in support of their nominee.

B.   Confirmation of nominees’ current membership to the nominating MO, as per WCPT regulations

C.    A brief statement indicating that the MO agrees to financially support their nominee to attend in-person EB meetings, and the biennial General Meeting.



Member Organisations are expected to financially support their member’s travel and living expenses when joining the annual IFSPT Executive Board meeting and the biennial General Meetings. To facilitate inclusivity and equality, the IFSPT recognises the World Banks Income Classification index and so financial support may be offered to nominees from countries tiered within the Low Income bracket. A decision on the level of support will be taken by the EB on a case-by-case basis.