When the IFSPT was founded in the early 2000s, Individual Memberships were established to facilitate the inclusion of those individuals who are members of World Physiotherapy (WP) through their national organizations, but whose country do not have an established sports physiotherapy organization. It was also open to those who were unable to participate in IFSPT through their national sports organization for various reasons.


Over time, the individual memberships were withdrawn largely due to the complexity of monitoring their status.


In 2021 the sitting Executive Board reinstated the individual membership to widen its inclusivity and to help facilitate the participation in the IFSPT of countries whose membership status has subsequently changed.


The annual cost for the Individual Membership is set at 50€ per person.


Rules regarding individual memberships

  1. The individual's country of work must be a World Physiotherapy member;
  2. The individual needs to be part of National World Physiotherapy organization;
  3. Individual memberships are primarily for individuals from a country without a sports physical therapy organization;
  4. If the national organization has a sports physical therapy organization greater than 25 members, efforts are to be made to bring this organization into IFSPT as a member organization. This will also apply to Individuals who were once part of an IFSPT MO that has since withdrawn from IFSPT.
  5. Applicant must be a practicing clinician in their country
  6. The individual member has no voting rights in the IFSPT GM
  7. Membership dues are non-refundable


If you have additional questions about the individual membership, please contact Membership Committee Chair Carlo Ramponi.


The Executive Board hopes that this return to acceptance of individual members will lead to the addition of new Member Organizations as well as serve those interested in being involved in further developing international sports physical therapy!



  1. Send your completed application to Carlo Ramponi
  2. Pay your 50€ fee below
  3. Please allow 30 days for processing