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Dissemination & Communication Project Plan

GUIDELINES and complementary information


Disclaimer: This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.



Guidelines for Dissemination for SportsComp WP5


Social Media and E-Communications (Direct Email, Newsletter)


Each partner of the dissemination team shall submit one post content to the WP5 chair (Carlo Ramponi) each month. This will allow the team to disseminate posts weekly.


Posts will be prepared for final posting by the WP5 technician (Mary Wilkinson) to align with the SportsComp graphics guidelines.


Partners will be notified when social media is posted so that they can repost from their social media pages.


A portion of each IFSPT monthly newsletter will be designated for SportsComp updates and news. News will be added to the website as well and newsletter will be promoted via social media.


A freestanding SportsComp newsletter will be developed to be released quarterly.


Newsletters will be linked from the SportsComp site.


Submissions to be shared in the SportsComp newsletter and IFSPT newsletter are also welcome. Please submit by the first of the month to be shared.


Other WPs will also be encouraged to submit materials for dissemination.



Congress Exposure

We ask the WP5 team to seek out and contact organizers within their countries and within their network to obtain exposure for SportsComp. This support can be provided in several ways

  • Slides for exposure during breaks in plenary hall
  • Display space in expo hall
  • Allowing a presentation on the project
  • Promotion in congress handouts
  • Links to SportsComp site






Tools for dissemination:


Social media:

  • LinkedIn Consortium page: SportsComp Erasmus+
    • Primary business platform for all demographics. Large character count allows more in-depth information;
    • We lunched it on October 27th;
  • Facebook Consortium page: SportsComp Erasmus+
    • Popular platform for personal and business use skewing female. Large character count allows more in-depth information;
  • HEI partner Instagram official page:
    • Popular personal and business platform for the 18-34 age group. Has some popular usage in the next demographic,35-46;
    • The DT agree to use this channel to disseminate to a wider population;
  • HEI partner X official page:
    • Popular platform for business and personal; used extensively by academics and research. Limited due to the short amount of characters available. Most information must be contained in the graphic or to click to another link;




  • We create the SportsComp newsletter and we will send out following the plan included in the DP calendar;
  • Direct e-communications to contact lists from IFSPT and from HEIs and other associative partners who are willing to divulge such lists;
  • Gather emails of interested parties via conferences, social media and newsletter to expand our base;




Educational Exposure:

  • Informational slides for use at conferences throughout the project;
  • IFSPT networking sessions (and other MOs and partners):
  • IFSPT holds regular online live networking sessions among member organizations. During these sessions, the SportsComp project will be a regular update topic over the project life;
  • IFSPT free webinars (and other MOs and partners):
  • The IFSPT webinars will be fitted with a SportsComp promotional slide including a link to the SportsComp website;


Congress Exposure


Preparing a list of appropriate Congresses throughout each year would allow us to make contact with leaders in these Congresses. Below is a list of Congresses to be held in 2024 that we currently have on out radar..

  • SportKongres
  • ESSMA Congress
  • ISOKINETIC Congress
  • Fifth World Congress of Sports Physical Therapy
  • Ortho Summit (US)
  • Sportfisio Switzerland




  • Informational updates in IJSPT (release dates 1st of February, April, June, August, October and December); IJSPT has promised to publish any article submitted on the SportsComp project;
    • It would be important to obtain similar commitments from other international publications as well as those of participating countries and IFSPT MOs. If someone on the WP5 could commit to working on this project it would be advantageous.

WP2.2 Delphi study dissemination;

  • WP2.3 qualitative study/focus group dissemination;
  • BJSM and BMJ agreed to publish the WP2.2 and the WP2.3 research studies;
  • Final dissemination summary and coverage of project in an international journal. We agree to reach the IJSPT, an open access journal, to publish it;
  • On-line access publications;


SportsComp official Website:

The website is located at

Launched on September 1st;

Website will be updated weekly as information becomes available

Subcategories will include

  • About SportsComp
  • About SportsComp partners
  • News
  • Documentation
  • Resources
  • Dissemination through partners websites, including Intrasites.


Timing and frequency of communications

  • Initial series of social media posts regarding project to inform SPTs about project:
    • Timing October-November;
  • It would be beneficial if we could have a topic to push out each month at least with a different timing schedule for SoMe and Newsletter etc (SoMe bimonthly and Newsletter every month in 2024-25, weekly in 26):
    • Review existing competencies (refer to IFSPT site);
    • Reports (summarized only) about WPs progressions, tasks, activities and meeting (with pictures);
    • Profiles of team managers;
    • Face to face meetings covered along with photos from these events;



  • DT has built a calendar showing hit dates for all media;
    • The calendar will be monthly updated on WP5 folders on Teams;
  • Appropriate dates will be added/moved as other WP groups provide their deadlines;
    • We are in communication with each WP leader to follow their calendar and dissemination needs;


Key dissemination events (up to 31.10.23):


  • October 1: IJSPT Launch; Related Article
    • Article: Research from low-income and middle-income countries will benefit global health and the physiotherapy profession, but it requires support.
    • Released in several publications around this time.
    • IJSPT will promote this article through its social media. The dissemination team believes it is relevant to our project, and it will be open for IFSPT and MOs to promote as well.


  • JAMK Kickoff October 25-27, 2023
    • Photographs to be used for website and social media;
    • Quotes and talking points from partners about the project;


  • Delphi Study recruitment and dissemination schedule
  • Day 1: email sent (all IFSPT MO delegates + Argentina, USA, India and Poland)
  • Day 3: reminder
  • Day 4: deadline
  • Day 5: confirmation of receipt or information that another person will be contacted


  • These are DT committee responsibilities (technician) using copy and lists from WP2.


  • December 1, 2024: IJSPT Launch
    • Article: Sport Competencies;
    • IJSPT and IFSPT and the consortium will promote this article through their social media;


  • February 1, 2024: IJSPT Article
  • Article: The SportsComp Project
    • IJSPT and IFSPT and the consortium will promote this article through their social media;
    • This is part of a series of articles to be shared regarding SportsComp in the IJSPT. Subsequent articles will be scheduled no later than February 15, 2024. Articles will appear in this monthly journal at least quarterly.


  • April 2024 Face to Face meeting
  • Heavier promotion surrounding this event;
  • Photographs and quotes helpful;
  • Results/reports published is summarized form;


  • October 2024 Face to Face meeting
  • Heavier promotion surrounding this event;
  • Photographs and quotes helpful;
  • Results/reports published is summarized form;


  • October 2025 Face to Face meeting
  • Heavier promotion surrounding this event;
  • Photographs and quotes helpful;
  • Results/reports published is summarized form;


  • Project Final Seminar:
  • Summer 2026, Switzerland;
  • Heavier promotion surrounding this event;
  • Photographs and quotes helpful;
  • Results/reports published is summarized form;
  • Plans are being made to organize a scientific symposium as part of the final meeting;


  • Following Dissemination release:
  • Focus on series of social media/emails/newsletters addressing each updated competency
  • Perhaps compare original competencies to new ones, explaining the differences and how SPT has evolved to drive these revisions.


Meeting organization:

The Dissemination Team will meet every two months at start during the 2023 (half of October and December) and will meet with the PMG as agreed and requested in PMG meeting: Jan, March, May and June and then we will meet quartely



An open license policy is followed in the Project. The beneficiaries will make produced outputs, resources, materials, and tools available to the wider public under an open license accessibly as per Erasmus+ policy. The open license requires the public to use, reuse, adapt and the share the resources.


Technical note:

  • The Sports Comp outputs and results will be produced in English for the wider audiences to be accessed free-of charge;
  • We provide, in some case, summary of the results to wider audiences instead of detailed report;
  • Although the 3 created on-line courses must be available for wider audiences to view through partners’ website and curricula, the partners cannot share any videos from our pilots to wider audiences as it includes students (ethical issue). In these cases, we will provide a summary or a blog for wider audiences explaining what we produced through the pilots.