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NEWSLETTER January 9, 2024

SportsComp Erasmus+ Project: WP 2.3 Tutoring Activity for Focus Groups and Interviews

The SportsComp Erasmus+ Project, a pioneering initiative funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, conducted a productive and insightful online meeting on the 21st of December 2023, uniting the Work Package 2.3 (WP 2.3) partners from Jamk University of Applied Sciences (Jamk), Tartu Ulikool (UT), Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), University of Thessaly (UTH), and the International Federation of Sports Physical Therapy (IFSPT).

The meeting served as a pivotal moment for the project, centering on the current WP, where crucial discussions and decisions unfolded regarding the Focus Groups and Interviews (conduction, analysis and reporting). Participants engaged deeply in exploring the methodology inherent to WP 2.3, laying the foundation for a robust and comprehensive approach.

  • More precisely, the agenda of the tutoring activity included
  • Methodology of focus groups/interviews studies
  • Instructions for focus groups/interviews studies - conduction
  • Focus groups/interviews practice
  • Instructions for focus groups/interviews studies - analysis and report
  • WP2.3 timetable and plan of meeting(s)

A key highlight of the activity was the meticulous definition of the analysis methodology, a pivotal step towards ensuring accuracy and reliability in the project's outcomes.

In our effort towards progress, the participants collectively established a comprehensive timetable for WP 2.3. This strategic roadmap ensures alignment and cohesion among the partners, setting the stage for efficient and timely project completion.


Posted October 30, 2023

Our Erasmus+ Project, Higher education to improve competency in Sports Physiotherapy, SportsComp, funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, held the first face-to-face kick-off meeting at Jamk University of Applied Sciences, Jyväskylä, Finland, during 25-27.10.2023. Meeting was joined by all project partners of Tartu Ulikool (TU), Vrije Universitet Brussel (VUB), Panespistimio Thessalias (UTH), and the International Federation of Sports Physical Therapy (IFSPT). During the three days, experts focused on building joint aims for the five Work Packages with the finalisation of administrative, communication and dissemination actions to be carried out throughout the project duration of 36 months. In addition, experts started to ideate the creation of e-learning courses in sports physiotherapy and continued co-developing the on-going Work Package 2, Updating the sports physiotherapy competencies at EQF level 7, which is due to be finalised in summer 2024.

The next project consortium meeting is planned for Brussels, held by the Vrije Universitet Brussel (VUB) in April 2024 along with the aims of the Work Package 2.


Posted October 30, 2023