AlfaCare and the International Federation of Sports Physical Therapy is pleased to announce the recipient of the first annual AlfaCare prize.


The winner is Eduardo Tondelli from Argentina. He is an early career member of the national sports organization AKD, the Argentinian Sports Physiotherapy Association. Eduardo has experience in working as a physio in rugby, as well as general practice.


Eduardo is well published and has lectured internationally, both live and online. He is part of the sport physiotherapy faculty of Universidad de Buenos Aires. He currently holds positions as Head Physiotherapist in Rugby Club Los Matreros, Morón, Buenos Aires province, Argentina; Injury surveillance project manager in Buenos Aires Rugby Union. Buenos Aires City, Argentina; Sport Physiotherapist at Club Atlético Huracán. Buenos Aires City, Argentina; and Sport Physiotherapist at Kiné – Deportiva y Funcional (Sport Clinic), Buenos Aires City, Argentina.


According to Eduardo, “My work purpose in the 4th IFSPT congress is to know how colleagues from around the world approach their athletes and how sports societies work in the transmission of knowledge to the community. Also, promote a better image of our AKD in the sports community. I would like the IFSPT Nyborg congress to be the beginning of the path to work together and to be able to participate in future congresses with new studies. On my return to my country, I will expose through an open day to AKD partners how the experience was
international and try to generate interest for future conferences.


“My application for the AlfaCare prize award is strengthened since a member that actively partici- pates in the dissemination of scientific content for the association, for having very good handling of interpersonal relationships and communication skills, for handling the English and Portuguese lan- guages, and having a lot of intention and willingness to promote the international growth of the sports physiotherapist association of Argentina.”


Congratulations to Eduardo, and see you in Denmark!