Membership Header

IFSPT's priority strategic goals are in growth, increasing resources, and increasing membership value:


  • Increase number of member organizations and individual members
  • Increasing resources
  • Establishing sponsorships, partnerships and subsidies
  • Produce educational opportunities for our members through congresses and courses
  • Meaningful projects, such as Sports Physiotherapy for All
  • Trade directory
  • Increasing membership value
  • Participation in the Physiotherapy Working Group of the Medical Commission of the International Olympic Committee
  • Platform between scientific researchers and clinicians
  • Body of knowledge
  • Communication with our members through the website and newsletter
  • Survey the needs of our organization
  • Scientific (peer reviewed and clinical) journal


In return for support and the backing of the organisation, IFSPT has some expectations of our members.

  • Support the IFSPT mission, vision and strategic planning
  • Be a source of knowledge, inspiration, ideas, expertise and advise
  • Be a source of constructive criticism and feedback
  • Collaborate on or host international congresses, workshops or symposia
  • Development of educational programmes
  • Pay dues and respond to requests in a timely manner
  • Participate in IFSPT committees