Full Membership


To be admitted and remain a Member of the IFSPT, an organisation must:

  1. be a World Physiotherapy Member Organisation; or
  2. be a national special interest group recognised by the World Physiotherapy Member Organisation in their country/territory and demonstrate that at least 80% of its members are also members of a World Physiotherapy Member Organisation.
  3. The national sports physiotherapy organizations must complete the IFSPT Application Form;
  4. The IFSPT Executive Board have to evaluate the received documents and then have to accept the applicant organization as new provisional member;
  5. Membership fees must be paid annually(according to the invoice sent by the treasurer)
  6. The membership must officially be approved at the next IFSPT General Meeting




Associate Memberships


The current Executive Board has re-established Associate memberships.


This action has been taken to be inclusive of those sports physical therapists worldwide who are unable to join the IFSPT because their national sports physiotherapy organization fails to fulfill specific membership criteria.


Please follow here for all details around the specific requirements for Associate Memberships


If you have additional questions around individual membership, please contact Carlo Ramponi.