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World Physiotherapy (WCPT)

World Physiotherapy (WP) is the sole international voice for physical therapy, representing more than 350,000 physical therapists worldwide through its 106 member organisations.

WP is committed to forwarding the physical therapy profession and its contribution to global health. It encourages high standards of physical therapy research, education and practice.

IFSPT is a subgroup of WP, and requires all its member organizations to be recognized members of the organisation as well.



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World Physiotherapy DOVES

World Physiotherapy Database of Volunteers and Experts (World Physiotherapy DOVES) is a searchable database of people who have offered to volunteer their services to help develop the physiotherapy profession internationally.



The BJSM Editorial Board is committed to promoting Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Sports and Exercise Medicine (SEM).


We recognise that research infrastructure and support are not equal across the globe, and that this can be a barrier for some researchers to gain experience and be successful at all levels of the scientific process: from designing and conducting research, to data analysis, writing and publishing quality manuscripts, and securing research funding.


However, there are many potential SEM research opportunities in diverse regions of the globe that will help answer important questions through effective collaboration.


The BJSM Global SEM Mentoring Program aims to facilitate global collaboration by “matching” experienced SEM researchers with researchers who would benefit from mentorship in their research process. A specific focus will be to assist researchers from low- and middle-income countries conduct high quality research relevant to SEM.


To be explicit, the BJSM Global SEM Mentoring Program does not provide research funding, but rather connects (through shared interests) experienced researchers with young or less experienced investigators.