To obtain the title of Registered International Sports Physical Therapists (RISPT) the following process is undertaken;

  1. Join your country's sports organization. Please see list on this website of the appropriate organization.
  2. Submit and gain accreditation in own country's IFSPT-approved CPD pathway (level that relates to IFSPT requirements)
  3. Submit application form to IFSPT along with 50 euros payment and proof of your approved pathway from your Member Organization.
  4. Once application form details have been confirmed, the award of RISPT is made and a 5-year registration certificate is issued to the individual. This process is conducted electronically via email.
  5. The certificate is emailed to the individual for printing and displaying.

Applying for Registration as a Member of a Member Organization with an Approved Accreditation System

These countries include

  • Australia – APA Sports Physiotherapist Title Program
  • Austria – Accredited Sports Physical Therapist Level A
  • Canada
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Ireland: Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists, Level 3 Accreditation in Sports Physiotherapy
  • Italy
  • New Zealand: Complete the specialisation Pathway through the Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand. Must complete specialisation in the Sports Category.
  • Norway
  • Sweden: Sports Physiotherapy Specialization
  • Switzerland - SSPA CPD Level A
  • The Netherlands
  • United Kingdom: Continuing Professional Development Level 3, Gold

Application and Payment